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Tech demo server


Friday 2010-11-19

TD5: Maintenance release

This release updates almost all dependencies (Ogre 1.7.2, fmod 4.32.04, LuaJIT 2.0.0-beta5, RakNet 4.0.Beta8), fixes some bugs and prepares the source code to be extended in forthcoming releases. It also greatly reduces...[more]

Sunday 2010-05-16

TD4: Supporting Linux

Finally the Linux port is done! There are still some minor glitches to be resolved (improved mouse handling, rendering of movable text) but I'm really impressed to see Ogre running at exactly the same rendering speed compared to...[more]

Tuesday 2010-04-06

Small Update: Techdemo 3

The third tech demo is mainly a bugfix and optimization release. Additional game features haven't been added. It's also a first step to get it running on Linux by introducing CMake scripts and eliminating platform dependant code....[more]

Tuesday 2010-03-23

Techdemo 2

Most changes for the second tech demo took place on the server side, which now features an internal event system and a basic quest engine. But there have also been made some modifications to the client: Added a sample questMoved...[more]

Saturday 2010-03-06

Techdemo available

After a couple of weeks reorganizing and fleshing out the source code, setting up the website and getting a game server up and running, it's finally done: the client's source code is readily available for download on...[more]